Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cool Find....

Lollies, candy, anything sweet, I can't get enough of it!!! Obviously I'm not alone. Althuogh gummi bears don't top my list of all things sweet, it's obviously someone's favourite!

How cool is this gummi bear chandellier? It's made from approximately 5,000 hand strung acrylic gummi bears (thank god it's not the real thing, imagine the ants!). It apparently takes them about 2 months to complete. And it's really limited in stock. So if gummi bears are your thing, you'd better get in fast!


Monday, April 5, 2010

New Pieces Added This Week

Available Now

Available Now

All available at http://www.marikaking.com.au/. Plus many more whimsical treasures!

On The Streets.....

Cool Find....

I've recently decided to "freshen" up the house abit with a little decorating. At this point, it's really only furniture and a few paintings that we have in the house, and with little ones, it just looks..........trashed. So I've been hunting around online for a few inspirations.

I came across these cute, scrabble inspired cushions. The cushions themselves are made out of recycled bottle felt and the filling is made out of recycled plastic bottles with an organic cotton outer. So eco friendly!!!


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