Sunday, February 12, 2012

What's Been Happening...

Well, I've really neglected this blog.  I was going to give up this blog, it was too hard to maintain the way I initially had planned to do it.  I had started playing around on tumblr, but it's not exactly the same.  With so much going on with my designs, I started getting a bit confused about the direction of everything, both lines, inspirations, social media, my poor little brain couldn't handle it all :(

So I sat back and had a real good think about it and I've got a lot more clarity now.  I'll probably change this blog up abit, hopefully something you'll all enjoy more.  It will be more focused on my jewellery designs, what inspires me and other super fabulous independant designers that I'm meeting along my travels.  And alot more original content too.  I often get to go to some pretty cool events and participate in fabulous designer and vintage markets, so I'll probably include more about these (as long as I remember to take my camera with me!).

So any ideas for a new name for this blog?  Something to incorporate my two ranges, Marika King Designer Jewellery and Lovely Sparrow and Co.

What else has kept me occupied?  I picked up a new stockist toward the end of last year, Zara Bryson in Claremont, Perth (Australia).  She had a wonderful billboard promoting her store and my friendship bracelets were featured!!!  I am so crazy about this billboard, and how cute is that puppy?!!

Lovely Sparrow & Co has really taken off as well.  I had never planned to sell this range to boutiques, but I was approached by a wonderful shop in England,  Discovered For You in Southport  who is now stocking this range.  And it's caught the eye of a national magazine, Girlfriend!!  

Being the first writeup from a major magazine, I was so thrilled when I discovered this at the local newsagency!  

In the meantime, the online shop for Lovely Sparrow & Co has been fully stocked with lot's more pieces to come.  A new range for the Marika King line will be released within the next 2 weeks with a new range already in the process of being designed.  And a few other things in the pipeline, so much happening!  I just need to figure out how to fit a few more hours into my day...........*sigh*

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