Sunday, April 12, 2009

To Follow or Not To Follow? That is the question.

Trends. Some people follow every single one out there and others ignore them totally.

Some of the more recent trends, I'm really not feeling. In the past, I figured because it was a trend and it was popular, it must be fashionable, and more often then not I didn't mind the trend and sometimes adapted it myself. But the trends around lately? I don't like them one bit! Take the harem pants for example, I soooooooooo can't see myself doing them. Or the boyfriend jean. They look identical to the 501's I rocked in the late 80's/early 90's (showing my age here). Also the military look. How many times has that trend come and gone. I figure if I really rocked it once, that boat has sailed for me and sadly, most of the current trends are all trends I've done. One I vowed not to follow is the big shoulderpad thing. However, I recently came across a picture of Michelle Moynahan with a big shoulder jacket that made me rethink my no go zone. What do you think?

There is still no way I will do this season's military look (that's for us southern hemisphere girls who are approaching winter). I have nightmares of a purple military inspired suit I wore to work TO DEATH. Never again.

By the way, my jeans still don't fit.

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