Thursday, May 28, 2009

Designer Homewear and Gifts

Late last year, I had a request from a newly created website called Joolia to stock my range. Joolia is a site that only has jewellery and accessories from independant designers. (You can check my section out at Anyway, at the time, the site wasn't quite operational, so they suggested I check out their sister site to see what it's about and if I was interested. The sister site is Well, I was blown away by some of (Ok, MOST of!) the pieces on there. It really is worth checking out if you love homeware and decorating.

One particular piece that really captured my attention was this piece by Duffy London. It's the Glo Chandelier and comes in 3 colors. Here is an example of one. I've never been into those light up pictures, but this one, well, I've changed my mind after seeing this.

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