Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cool Find.... (or in this case "Weird Find"!)

I love stumbling across really cool things, especially for the home as I really want to totally redecorate our tired looking pad. I love the quirky and unusual, I don't want our home to look like every other house or even the cookie cutter display homes. I want it to be a place with character, yet uncluttered.

One blog I love reading is Feber / Hem. I have no idea what this means or anything they write as it's in Swedish I presume. But there are always cool finds to be had on this blog.


The other day, it was more of a case of "weird finds".....

Like seriously, I understand the need to be able to put a water bottle holder on a bike, but a wine holder? Fancy having a swig while going on a bike ride? (if you happen to be one of those people, and I promise I won't judge you as I can be found doing weird stuff myself at times, it's available on etsy)

And I'd totally be petrified to sit on this chair. Well, that was until curiousity got the better of me and I found the site it originally came from and figured out how it worked. OK, weird to look at but it can work (info available from here if you are just as curious)

But this one kinda baffles me...... If I were a man, and believe me I'm not, which is probably why I don't get it, I don't think I'd want to know where the last man pee'd. I know men are a different breed, like no matter how old they are, they think farts are funny. But this kinda grosses me out. Usually the smell of a urinal is bad enough, but pee marks? OK, top marks for inventiveness.

All pics from Feber


  1. Haha that chair is awesome! And I guess the wine bottle holder could be cool for a picnic? Although, wouldn't it get all shaken up? :S

    If I am remembering my Swedish properly, Feber / Hem translates to 'Fever / Home'.

    C xx

  2. That chair is actually really interesting the way it's been designed, so you can actually sit on it!

    I love Swedish design, wish I understood Swedish as this website is totally in Swedish, but totally awesome ;)



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